Eco Living

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More than being Green!


Azar Villas & Suites Santorini is built in an amazing, unspoilt part of Santorini. In total harmony with the surrounding nature and with absolute respect to the environment we follow a series of eco-friendly practices that ensure that we minimize our carbon footprint and support sustainability. At Azar Villas & Suites Santorini we recognize the importance of environmental conservation and protection, thus we encourage our staff and our guests on following environmentally friendly practices. Here are some of our Social Responsibility actions.

  • Azar Villas & Suites Santorini is built following the latest Energy Building Management Systems on sustainable building design and operations.

  • Our staff members are well trained on environmental issues and we are constantly working on the improvement of the green policies of

    Azar Villas & Suites Santorini.

  • We use sufficient energy conservation appliances in all Azar V&S (sensors, time switches, electronic controllers) 
  • Water is rather scarce in Santorini and conserving it is important; thus we encourage on efficient water usage and we have invested in water saving technologies
  • We recycle the water of all our infinity pools
  • We manage our consumed resources in our constant effort to reduce waste wherever practical.
  • We are working with local farms and producers in order to use seasonal, locally sourced and organic ingredients on our menus
  • Priority is given to electronic and digital communication instead of paper/print
  • When hiring private contractors, those with green or eco-friendly policies are preferred