Philoxenia Concept

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The essence of Greek Hospitality

Philoxenia literally means “being friendly to a stranger”, the Greek equivalent for the word hospitality; yet hospitality does no justice to the ancient Greek concept of welcoming and caring for all visitors coming to your doorstep. Treat them well and these strangers will become your friends indeed. Among the most popular monikers attributed to Zeus is Xenios as he was the proclaimed protector of all visitors in need, indicating that they had to be protected. The spirit of Greek hospitality can be found across the country, in every person who is or feels Greek.

Inspired by the true Greek concept of Philoxenia, in

Azar Villas & Suites Santorini we greet our guests with the warmest smiles and make sure they have everything they could possibly need. We want you to feel at home, surrounded by good friends. We try to revive the past era aromas and atmosphere, the truly honest hospitality that asks for nothing in return. And Greeks are inherently generous; generous with things, generous with treats and most of all generous in feelings. If you just put aside the cold, impersonal style of modern society, in

Azar Villas & Suites Santorini you will discover the eternal, authentic spirit of Greek Philoxenia that makes you feel right at home!